Mahaavtarbabaji - Cry on Mountain

Maha Avtar Babaji

I am a man like you, but the way that God has given to me means, that I have to guide the people. I am a comforter. I have come in this world to comfort the people.

I am neither a god, nor a prophet, nor do I claim that any deva is coming in me. I am a Baba. I am a Chosen Being, chosen by God. The people are nowadays taking my pictures, as the Buddhists are making statues of Gautama. But if anybody is making a god of me, it is wrong and their mistake. I am Babaji and I have come to warn you. I am a Cry on Mountain. This time the Cry on Mountain is the same like at the time of Noah. It is my duty to alarm the people and to make them aware about the truth.

They have made me invisible, but that is not right. Many are confused about my age and my physical existence. I have many forms, not only this body. You are in the time dimension, but Babaji is beyond the time dimension. That's why Babaji is calling himself Maha Avtar (Maha Avatar). If someone wants to recognise me, he has to come into my dimension.

I am a multiplying seed. This is my eternity, whereas the eternity of Jesus is the Holy Esprit.  My existence has appeared in different forms, but my different bodies have always born the same face, the same features, and the same nature. I have always come in this particular clan, and this clan belongs to the physically immortal being known as Ishmael (the first son of Prophet Abraham). But I have no physical connection to the time of Ishmael. Before this, I was my own grandfather and my great-great grandfather. Sometimes I look very, very old, sometimes I become very young, like a small child, and sometimes I look like a woman. It is a Miracle of God.

I am a Master. My teachings are for everybody. I am narrating to you the words which the Esprit of God has given to me. These are not my words. I am a puppet and the strings are in the hands of God. God has made me a medium to teach the lessons.

I said that I have initiated Jesus. It is true. The teacher of Jesus was an ancient man known as Babaji, Eternal Babaji. That Babaji was a descendant of Ishmael, and Jesus is a descendant of Isaac. All prophets were initiated by Raphael, the Lord of Fire. Raphael is with me, as he has promised to my forefather Ishmael. That's why I am baptising everyone with the Holy Fire.

I am Initiator, not the Master of all Prophets. I have come to initiate the people, to choose the prophets, the messengers for every religion. Nowadays I am choosing the messengers, not the Prophets, because there will be no more Prophet. At present, worldly spiritual guides are still my disciples, whether they are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or Buddhists.

Initiation means that I am blessing someone for something. If I initiate you for the sun initiation, it means that you will learn how to get energy from the sun. If I initiate you for the fire initiation, it means that you will learn how to get energy from the fire. And if I initiate you for the Holy Esprit initiation, it means that we are taking a covenant: I am praying for you, that you will be connected with and guided through the Holy Esprit, and you promise to walk under the Laws of God.

I know that many religious people are against me, but I don’t care. Their books are telling the truth, but they are not studying their books profoundly. They haven’t gone on the process of self-realisation. I want my followers to surrender towards the Living God.